What’s New?

Now Offering Black Pearl Nickel Plating

June 2017:  Co-operative Plating Co. is proud to announce another plating option to its vast array of plating services, Black Pearl Nickel Plating. By taking an existing line and reconfiguring it with an additional rectifier, Co-operative Plating was able to begin the refined process of enhancing their rack and barrel nickel plating capabilities.

Sales Director, Tom Marchio, expressed this plating process is a further enhancement over nickel plating. The electrolytic approach makes the nickel more corrosion resistant and provides the finish color many manufacturers are seeking, which is dark gray to black in color.  Equally important is the fact that Black Pearl Nickel is RoHS compliant.

The Black Pearl Nickel flash plating requires nickel under-plating that can be applied over any substrate.  In additional to its attractive appearance, Black Pearl Nickel is conductive and can be soldered or brazed.

Contact Tom Marchio at sales@coopplating.com for more information

Nadcap Merit Status

We are pleased to have earned merit status with Nadcap for both Chemical Processing and our Quality Systems. Achieving Nadcap merit status is one of the ways in which the aerospace industry identifies those who excel at manufacturing quality product through superior special processes.

Continuing Nadcap accreditation is an integral part of Co-operative Plating’s commitment to the aerospace industry as well as our overall product quality.

Co-operative Plating is Nadcap accredited for the following finishes: Nadcap-Image-2015-300x150

  • Type II Anodizing
  • Type III Anodizing (Hardcoat)
  • Chromate Conversion
  • Cadmium
  • Copper
  • Electroless Nickel
  • Surface Treatment / Passivation
  • New* Black Oxide

Schedule a Plating Seminar

seminarCo-operative Plating’s Sales and Technical Departments recently began offering seminars educating customers on the metal finishing industry. Seminars are available upon request at the customer location or on-site at Co-operative Plating. In a typical seminar, the sales and technical departments work collaboratively to deliver exceptional seminars educating customers on the metal finishing industry. If it’s on our site, we are more than happy to give you a tour of our facility and plant. Our sales manager says, “It’s off and running, we’re doing them and excited about it.  We’re getting positive feedback from our customers. They’re in high demand.”

This past summer, Co-operative Plating presented five different seminars to customers.  It has been a fun and educating experience for both Co-operative Plating and our customers.  We look forward to future seminars. Contact our sales department today at (651) 645-0787 or info@CoopPlating.com to schedule a seminar!