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Since 1923, Co-operative Plating Co. is your one stop source for plating. We offer over 100 processes at our facility and provide new metal finishes as the industry changes. Our company dedicates itself to adaptability and expansion as we add industry-leading finishes that meet your exact specifications and requirements.  Co-operative Plating contributes our experience to innovative technology that serves our customers' demands.

Customized Metal Finishing Solutions

From stainless steel passivation to cadmium plating processes for the aerospace industry, we tailor our services to meet your individual objectives. We pride ourselves on a commitment to quick turn-around time and exceptional quality; always improving our demand-lead processes and services to be the best possible.

Aerospace Plating

Our specialty in aerospace plating for components has allowed us to maintain our core offerings while expanding into other industries, including medical, military, transportation, electrical connectors, and more. Our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation drives everything we do, ensuring that we continue to offer the very best electroplating and anodizing processes and adapt as new standards and metal finishing techniques expand. We are passionate about our high-level of professionalism and care at every level of our company.

Challenging Projects Are Our Specialty

We are always happy to work with customers on challenging and demanding projects. Our skilled and experienced team can provide you the technical expertise you need for a wide variety of metal finishing processes. Combined with our talented masking department, we are your one-stop source for metal finishing.

Nadcap Accreditation

Co-operative Plating is certified with Nadcap for both Chemical Processing and our Quality Systems. Continuing Nadcap accreditation is an integral part of Co-operative Plating’s commitment to the aerospace industry as well as our overall product quality.

Laboratory Services

We provide outstanding tests and analyses that contribute to our products and service. Our on-site inspection team and laboratory are equipped to handle the most advanced coating testing in the industry.

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