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Co-operative Plating Terms and Conditions


  1. The customer agrees to payment of terms of Net 30 from the date of the invoice.  Any cancellation of an order by customer after plating process is initiated shall be valid and effective with an amount due to cost of actual labor and materials already devoted to the completion of the order. All customer merchandise in Co-op's possession shall be subjected to a general lien for all monies owed by the customer to Co-op.  Fees may be applied to additional services performed as needed to comply with the purchase order requirements.  By accepting a quote or submitting work to be processed by Co-op, Customer is agreeing to the terms and conditions set forth above in their entirety.  This agreement supersedes any other specified terms and conditions related to this order from Co-op or other parties.

  2. Customer is responsible for providing Co-operative Plating Company (Co-op) with written notification that parts require special treatment if they are delivered or close tolerance.  Customer is responsible for ensuring that parts have a surface condition and configuration that is acceptable for metal finishing.

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  3. Co-op reserves the right to rework any part that, upon mutual agreement, does not meet customer requirements.  Financial liability for rework, scrap, loss, damage, or delay of any nature is determined solely by Co-operative Plating Management

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  4. Any tooling developed to perform the work, whether paid or unpaid, will remain the property of Co-op. 

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  5. All items are FOB origin from the Co-op dock.  We assume no responsibility for any loss or damage of material while in transit to or from our facility whether by courier, freight, your vehicle or any 3rd party.  Customer is responsible for handling charges on each order and assumes responsibility for all freight charges.  Shipping insurance will only be applied to orders as specified by customers and will be purchased at the customer's cost.  All shipping costs for reworked parts are the customer's responsibility.

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  6. Co-op may use its own sampling plan for all orders unless Nadcap certification is requested.  If a more robust sampling plan is required, it is the customer's responsibility to explicitly state a sampling plan in writing on the purchase order.  Compliance to any ancillary documentation such as prints, or any written specifications must be requested on the purchase order. All work will be performed per specification except that lot specific testing will only be performed if additionally requested on the purchase order.  

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  7. Co-op price quotations are only valid for the first lot of parts processed and are subject to change thereafter.  Quotations are only valid if they reference the identical part number to that stated on the purchase order and are in writing.  Verbal quotations are not valid and will not be honored. Customers assume responsibility for reviewing quotations for completeness.

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  8. Co-op has no responsibility for any unclear or illegible prints, or ambiguous language provided by the Customer during the quoting process or appearing on the purchase order.  No Claim for shortage in weight, count or defect in quality (whether latent or patent) will be allowed unless presented in writing within seven (7) calendar days after receipt of material by the customer or the customer's consignee.  ​


Co-operative Plating Management Team

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