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Anodizing is an electrolytic oxidation process in which the surface of the metal is converted

to a coating having desirable protective, decorative, and functional properties.



  • Resistant to ultraviolet light rays

  • Available in a wide range of color options such as clear, black, red, blue, & gold

  • Will not flake, chip, or peel over time

  • Used in a variety of businesses including medical, aerospace, and connector industries

  • FDA approved for food and medical industries

  • Aluminum oxide coating provides corrosion resistance

  • Non-conductive insulating properties

  • Used for coding

  • High corrosion resistance

  • Pleasing appearance

  • Nadcap certified

  • RoHS compliant

Anodizing: Advantages of Aluminum Oxide Coating

At Co-operative Plating, we offer a wide range of anodizing services that provide the perfect solution for many different applications. If you are looking for a decorative coating, or need a protective layer over aluminum that is vulnerable to corrosion or wear, creating a protective oxide layer via anodizing can work exceptionally well. With decades of anodizing experience behind us, we are the provider of choice for a growing number of companies that value a high-quality option for their surface coating requirements.

Mil-A-8625 Specification-Met Plating Available

Our company provides hardcoat anodizing (Type III) to a variety of organizations, including manufacturers of military-grade equipment and vehicles. By offering military specification anodizing, we recognize the importance of offering a customized service that is geared to meet the exact requirements of clients for whom performance, reliability and the ability to work well in challenging conditions are of paramount importance.

We offer two types of plating with the Mil-A-8625 plating specifications:

  • Type II: Anodize Sulfuric Acid

  • Type III: Hard anodic Sulfuric Acid


We also will consult with you to make sure you get the right type of coating. No matter what you are looking for, we can work with you to achieve the required outcomes.

Different Mil-A-8625 Plating Benefits

Sulfuric anodizing on aluminum changes the surface of the material to a naturally occurring aluminum oxide. The coating can be dyed which is why Type II is broken into two classes:

  • Class 1: Specifies that there will be no dye applied to the finished part

  • Class 2: Specifies that there will be a dye applied to the finished part


Type III hard anodizing is often used when a much thicker and abrasion-resistant coating is needed compared to sulfuric anodizing.

Plenty of Anodizing Options

Not only is anodized material resistant to UV rays, but it is also highly resistant to corrosion and a good electrical insulator. One of the great features of anodized material is that it looks fantastic – a good selection of colors is available and fingerprints do not show, ensuring the surface remains in pristine condition.

Approved by the FDA for medical and food uses, our anodizing services are RoHS compliant. Overall, we are proud of the decades of experience behind us and our strong track record of success in offering high-grade anodizing that delivers exceptional value. Our responsive team can meet your needs, even when you face significant time constraints.

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