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Cadmium plating is a corrosive-resistant finish that functions as a sacrificial coating to

enhance corrosion protection. Cadmium can be applied to cast iron, stainless steel, brass,

powdered metal, aluminum, and steel.



  • Works as an excellent primer for painting

  • Excellent corrosion resistance

  • Superior conductivity and solderability properties

  • Prevents galling and provides exceptional lubricity

  • Industries include aerospace and military/defense

  • Chromates are available in clear, yellow, black, and olive drab

  • Low electrical resistance / high conductivity

  • Nadcap certified

Cadmium Plating Process for Aerospace and Other Industries

If you are involved in the creation of parts for the aerospace, military, transport or related industries, you may be familiar with the cadmium plating process. Cadmium plating is popular as it offers a durable, protective coating over metals such as aluminum, iron or steel. If corrosion should ever occur, the cadmium will corrode first, preserving the more vulnerable metal underneath for longer life.

Cadmium Plating Benefits

The Co-operative Plating cadmium plating process brings numerous benefits including enhancing performance as well as prolonging the life of your product. Not only does cadmium provide a surface ideal for painting, but it also prevents galling, has low electrical resistance and is an ideal base for solder. All these characteristics ensure that cadmium plated steel and other cadmium plated products are widely used in industries, such as the aerospace industry, where strength and durability are priorities. We pride ourselves on offering a top-quality service and consistently deliver exceptional product quality.

Federal Specification QQ-P-416

We offer a wide range of specialist cadmium plating services, including federal specification QQ-P-416, covering the scope of electrodeposited cadmium plating:

  • Class 1 THICKNESS: .00050” min

  • Class 2 THICKNESS: .00030” min

  • Class 3 THICKNESS: .00020” min

  • Type I DETAIL: As plated, no chromate

  • Type II DETAIL: With supplementary chromate treatment

  • Type III DETAIL: With supplementary phosphate treatment

Cadmium Plating Solution Tailored to Your Individual Needs

From our years in the business, we have gained a solid understanding of what our customers need to meet their objectives. This is why we offer a customized service that is designed specifically for your operation. Our cadmium plating is designed to ensure exceptional performance at a competitive price. Our expert, innovative team is able to undertake the cadmium plating you need to produce premium results that give years of durable, effective performance. To learn more about our cadmium plating process for the aerospace industry or other industries contact us.

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