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Chromate conversion is a thin film coating applied on aluminum components that offers excellent corrosion resistance and is a great primer for painting applications. Chromate conversion is also frequently referred to as chem film and yellow Iridite, as well as the brand names Iridite and Alodine.


  • Promotes paint adhesion

  • Offered in hexavalent chrome and RoHS compliant chemistries

  • The most common finish is clear and yellow

  • Used as a corrosion preventative film for electrical applications where low resistant contacts are required

  • When applied, very little to no dimensional change

  • Most commonly used in aerospace and military/defense industries

  • Nadcap certified

Chromate Conversion, Mil-DTL-5541 Specified, Protected Aluminum

The excellent strength and relatively lightweight of aluminum means it is a popular choice for a wide variety of components in the transport, aerospace, medical, telecommunications, military, and related industries. Unfortunately, aluminum surfaces that are exposed to moisture can degrade, leading to reduced performance and potential part failure. To reduce the risk of this happening, many manufacturers choose to apply chromate plating to their aluminum parts. As an established chromate conversion provider that meets Mil-DTL-5541 standards, Co-operative Plating is prepared to undertake this process for you.

The Mil-DTL-5541 specification was specifically created to provide standards to ensure that military defense weapons, if aluminum or made with an aluminum alloy, were coated for maximum corrosion resistance and provided a surface with better paint adhesion than uncoated aluminum. For military clients and related partner industries, our aluminum chromate conversion coatings meet the requirements of MIL-DTL-5541 and the two classes of the chemical conversion coating. The chromate process provides a clear iridescent finish, sometimes slightly golden, and low electrical resistance.

Aluminum Conversion Coating Can Enhance Part Life and Performance

Not only does a conversion coating have an immediate protective effect on your aluminum parts, but it also has a number of other benefits. A suitable aluminum conversion coating provides an excellent primer, meaning that subsequent plate or paint will adhere firmly and evenly. Conversion coating offers low resistance and is extremely thin, meaning that the dimensions of the part remain virtually unchanged.

High-Caliber Aluminum Chromate Conversion Coating Service

Our chromate coating service is Nadcap certified – proof that we apply the very highest standards and professional rigor to our work. We aim to provide an exceptional service at every stage of your dealings with us. From initial steps to deciding which plating or related services are going to be best for your project, to thorough quality control to ensure consistency and high-grade results, you can count on us to deliver a superior outcome.

We have been in business for nearly 100 years, supplying our customers with the high-grade plating services they need for exceptional components. Suitable for a wide range of applications and with good value, chromate conversion coating could be the solution you are looking for overall. Let’s discuss. To learn more about what we offer, or to discuss your requirements with us, contact us!

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