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Hardcoat anodizing is a type of coating that penetrates the base material while building

up the surface of the aluminum. Hard anodized coatings are typically applied to heavy

wear industrial parts intended for use in aggressive or highly corrosive applications.



  • Excellent wear & abrasion resistance and electrical insulator

  • Produces an aluminum oxide coating on the aluminum surface

  • Enhanced lubricity when Teflon applied

  • High corrosion and heat resistance

  • Most commonly used in aerospace, military/defense, and equipment industries

  • Nadcap certified

  • RoHS compliant


Hardcoat Anodizing Gives an Exceptional Coating

As a company that has many OEM approvals with companies in the medical, military, automotive and telecommunications sectors, we have earned our reputation for expertise in hardcoat anodizing. Our company can hard anodize or provide a range of other coating services to manufacturers that need ultra-durable products that can cope with extremely challenging conditions. When part failure could have disastrous consequences, our hardcoat anodizing services can make all the difference.

Hardcoat Anodizing for Aluminum

Hard coat anodizing is an electrochemical process using sulfuric acid, low bath temperatures, and high voltage. It is often referred to as Type III anodizing due to the Mil-A-8625 specification in the military industry. The process creates a controlled oxide film on the surface of aluminum producing a high surface hardness (60-70 Rockwell C) that is excellent against corrosion and abrasions, plus is heat and wear-resistant.

Our process is Nadcap certified and RoHS compliant, giving further assurance our anodized products are processed consistently following rigid standards. Anodized products are also efficient electrical insulators, which can be a significant benefit, depending on your application. Coating colors range in the gray to black spectrum and can also be dyed red, blue, and gold.

Customized Hardcoat Anodizing Services

At Co-operative Plating, we know that no two customers are the same, which is why we offer a tailored service to fit your specific requirements. We will also offer recommendations on various finishes that can be applied to your product. We can anodize a significant range of materials as well as work on different product shapes and sizes. It does not matter how complex or difficult your project may be, our expert team and certified processes will combine to give you outstanding results.

Hardcoat Anodizing to Transform Your Products

Hardcoat anodizing your products can have a dramatic effect on the durability and reliability of your products, and therefore its perceived quality to your customers. If you want a high-grade, cost-effective anodizing solution, we can help. To find out more or to discuss your requirements contact us!

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